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actuellement je restaure un remington 1858 Pietta que j'ai acheté ds les années 2000.Une des raisons étant que je trouve cette arme de tres bonne qualité en particulier la visserie.J'ajoute que j'ai des uberti et je ne vois pas de supérioté de Uberti sur pietta en durabilité , fiabilité ou précision Je me ballade depuis un moment ici et ailleurs, et le sujet récurrent est Pietta VS Uberti, mais encore? Les différents fabricants d'armes et Uberti et Pietta reviennent sans cesse et personne n'est d'accord, du moins chacun vois midi à sa porte. D'autre marques sont cités comme Artax, Euroarm aussi et Pedersoli, mais qui m'ont l'air très chers et destinés à des tireurs compétiteurs. Bon, PIETTA: bien fait, à quelques exceptions, mais juste BIEN, ils vont pas plus loin que ce qu'il faut, un truc pour tirer. UBERTI: jaspage meilleur, bronzage magnifique comme le polissage, travail minutieux, soigné, ajusté, meilleur mécanisme, attentif aux dimensions exactes, meilleur bois séléctionné A l'heure actuelle, Les derniers Pietta valent largement les Uberti, voire mieux, quand je compare mes 4 Remington 1858 : Les Pietta ont des lignes plus fines et sont encore mieux finis que le Uberti Inox. Plus encore, le Pietta tire plus juste que le Uberti, mes collègues tireurs l'ont constaté

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Bonjour, Le Pietta a un canon a pas lent qui ne stabilise pas les ogives alors que l'Uberti a un pas rapide depuis quelques années qui permet de tirer avec precision des ogives lourdes. Les pièces détachées sont beaucoup moins chères chez Pietta. le guidon est dériveable chez Uberti pas chez Pietta. Pour le reste peu de differences, sachant qu'il y a des armes ratées dans les 2 marques. Pietta 1851 revolvers ($275) are less expensive than Uberti 1851 revolvers ($355). Which would you recommend The Uberti did not seem to be as highly differentiated from the Pietta based on quality as I hoped it would be. One reason that still sits with me on a Pietta vs Uberti purchase is which firearm is closer to the original in size and dimensions. Other than that, I think it's a toss-up. For the 1860, I don't know if there is a difference

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  1. Pietta vs. Uberti - evidence!! (pics!) stantheman1986. 1,966 1. Veteran member. stantheman1986. 1,966 1. Post Dec 31, 2008 #1 2008-12-31T23:19. Got a Uberti 1851 London Navy today, along with a rough Spiller & Burr kit revolver. I pictured the Uberti alongide the Pietta 1861 Navy. I have read pages of debated on various other forums and CAS forums about the Pietta vs. Uberti debate. The.
  2. The Pietta Thunderer(think it's imported by Cimmeron), Uberti Birds Head, and the Ruger New Vaquero birds head Talo. Of course all of the ones I am looking at are chambered in .45 Colt and with barrel lengths of 3.5. I don't know what it is about the birds head grip but I just like the looks of it with the short barrel. I think it would look great in a crossdraw holster as well. Part of me.
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On the Uberti it is dovetailed and easily drifted out, on the Pietta it is silver soldered in place. On the Uberti 1858 Remy with the shorter barrel like mine, if you want to remove the cylinder's arbor from the gun, you have to take off the rammer latch because the arbor won't clear it on my shorter barreled Uberti Remy. No problem, I just drift the rammer latch out with a punch and hammer. Can someone tell me how to identify a Walker Colt reproduction as either Pietta or Uberti ? I've found a used one that I can't find any markings on. The reason I ask is I want to buy this used one and get a conversion cylinder to shoot .45lc cowboy loads, and apparently only the Uberti Walker can use a conversion cylinder as the Pietta is too weak. Thanks ! VE2RF, Feb 19, 2009 #1. Voodoochile. Traditions is Pietta, same as Cimmaron is Uberti. Just importers names on one of the two Italian makers. Ain't nobody else but Pietta and Uberti building these things these days. My overall impression is that Traditions is the bottom of the barrel quality-line of Pietta, sold mass market. I'm not a Pietta fan by any means and prefer Uberti's to start with (especially for an 1858 Remmie), and. Pietta Firearms is the replica/historical firearm category leader in quality, dependability, and craftsmanship. Established in Gussago, Italy in 1963, Pietta was instrumental in pioneering the historical firearms category. Today, Pietta is dedicated to providing its customers with the highest quality, replica firearms of the past and innovative, modern firearms of the present. Still family. En concurrence permanente avec Uberti, l'entreprise Pietta est essentiellement connue pour ses revolvers à poudre noire et les accessoires qui leurs sont liés. Les amateurs de tir Western trouveront chez eux un catalogue prenant certaines libertés avec la stricte réalité historique mais de ce fait plus varié et plus modulable que chez leur concurrent de toujours

This is a comparison between the 1st Gen Colt Single Action Army and the Uberti (Cimarron) Single Action Army. I start with by giving historical context and. Uberti vs. Pietta revolvers.....any thoughts? stantheman1986. 1,966 1. Veteran member. stantheman1986. 1,966 1. Post Jul 05, 2006 #1 2006-07-05T10:50. I have owned 3 makes of cap and ball revolvers over the past few years. My first was an Armi San Marco 1860 Army. I had fond memories of that gun, shooting it when I was 14 or so with my Dad. It gave up the ghost back in 2003. I never shot it. We hands-on test some of the best...with Cimarron's Frontier Stainless revolver and Uberti's 1873 lever-action rifle. Skip to content. Home; Reviews. AR-15 & AR-10 . We've got a dedicated section for the AR-15 here. Category AR-15 and AR-10 Pistols & Revolvers Ammunition Scopes & Optics Shotgun Rifles Gear & Accessories CCW & Holsters Survival See All Reviews. Most Popular Best AR-15s Best. autant les Uberti ont baissé en qualité,autant les Pietta ont monté,eux!...disons qu'il y a moins de diff maintenant! les Pedersoli,très bien aussi... Oui tu a raison Montagne bleue les Pietta ont remonte leurs retard point de vue qualité par rapport au Uberti. En plus Pietta et moins cher et on trouve des pièce plus facilement Cimarron Model P are made by Uberti and their Frontier and Pistolero models are Pietta. There is also EMF, which imports Pietta models. The importers set what features and level of fit and finish they want from the manufacturers, but otherwise an Uberti from Taylors will be very similar to an Uberti imported by Cimarron

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  1. Colt 1860: Uberti vs Pietta. par Xav41 » 10 Nov 2010 13:59 . Je reviens sur un sujet que l'on avait abordé lors d'un précédent sujet: la capacité de charger des balles ogivales dans un Colt 1860. Il en était ressorti que dans mon Pietta, il m'était impossible de charger ces ogives. Geanphy avait témoigné de cette possibilité. J'ai maintenant l'occasion de comparer les deux.
  2. UBERTI vs PIETTA. Armes longues et de poing, y compris rechargement et entretien. Modérateur: Equipe. 22 messages • Page 2 sur 2 • 1, 2. Re: UBERTI vs PIETTA. par alainpetit » 28 Oct 2008 19:20 . geyer a écrit: gavroche a écrit:dans mon pietta inox le 450 passe très bien sans forcer, le 454 finissait au bout de 6 barillets par me faire mal à la paume . quand tu passe la balle tu dois.
  3. The Uberti 1858 is probably closer in size to the original 1860s model and the fit and finish is slightly better, but Pietta makes a very good gun (I have four of them) and the internals (springs, bolt, etc.) are likely better fitting and better functioning right out of the box than a Uberti according to my own observations and that of some gunsmiths
  4. Pietta vs Uberti - Which is built better?? The quality between the three units is astonishing to say the least, and even the best one has some questionable quality issues, such esy to bend loading levers, soft steel on critical parts, and inconsistant diameters in the cylinders
  5. gton 1858 New Model Army clone. Pietta makes the best 1851 Navy Colt and 1860 Colt Army clone. I'd argue that Uberti has wider range of guns compared to Pietta. You can get some neat historical guns that Pietta doesn't carry. A shim is pretty easy to do. Grab a pair of scissors and cut up some soda cans to make a.

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  1. Le sujet Pietta VS Uberti revient regulierement sur tous les forums, moi je possede les deux je n'ai pas eu de soucis ni avec l'un ni avec l'autre. La finition usinage et bronzage est legerement au dessus chez Uberti. Je ne sais pas si cela justifie la difference de tarif, moi je n'ai que des armes qui servent et pas de soucis avec les deux marques. bonne recherche et bon achat. newick Membre.
  2. Pietta has squared front and rear sights versus tapered front and v-notch rear of the standard Uberti Model P. There are other Model P's like the Evil Roys and stainless guns that do have squared sights. Uberti has the polyurethane finish on the grips. I've seen the Pietta the same way but I think oiled grip is the standard now. The Uberti's could use lighter springs, and for some folks that.
  3. Pietta vs Uberti 1861 « previous next » Print; Pages: [1] Go Down. Author Topic: Pietta vs Uberti 1861 (Read 3279 times) Hewy. Hero Member; Posts: 904; Pietta vs Uberti 1861 « on: August 17, 2016, 12:03:40 PM » As I understand, Pietta makes an 1861 Colt Navy.36. How close dose it match with Uberti i.e.: frame size barrel lenght etc. Also considering the 1960 Army .44. Same questions with.

Pietta Remington 1858 BUFFALO vs Uberti Remington 1858. par Pétard » 28 Oct 2011 16:08 . Salut à tous, jeune débutant en poudre noire, je souhaite m'acheter un revolver, et je vais ressortir une question mille et une fois posée : Pietta ou Uberti ? J'hésite entre un Pietta Remington 1858 BUFFALO et un Uberti Remington 1858. A mon avis ce sont deux valeurs sûres (carcasses fermées acier. PIETTA et UBERTI restent aujourd'hui les seuls fabricants de revolvers à prix abordables sur le marché français et si la qualité est en faveur d'UBERTI, le service après-vente est très certainement en faveur de PIETTA, ce qui me conduit à dire qu'il vaut mieux un stock de pièces de rechange renouvelé sans difficulté et à prix modéré, plutôt qu'une absence de pièces de. As you point out, most of the model P's are Uberti but some are Pietta's so I guess I should edit my thread to say some model P's are now Pietta's. Probably somewhere along the way between my ordering it (4 months ago) and it showing up, someone filled the order with Pietta and not Uberti. Peter M. Eick, Dec 2, 2011 #6. ozarkguy Member. Joined: Sep 15, 2009 Messages: 89 Location: Northwest.

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Pietta 10 items; Uberti 9 items; Compare Products. Remove This Item; Compare. Clear All. You have no items to compare. My Wish List. Last Added Items. Go to Wish List. You have no items in your wish list. Taylor's Firearms markets historical reproductions as well as guns designed for modern day shooters' needs in The New West. Working closely with manufactures, Taylor's firearms are crafted to. So I thought I'd share a few photos and thoughts on pietta 1873 saa vs uberti cattleman II since I found it so hard to find peoples opinions on pietta when I was seeking info. When I 1st got my hands on the piettas I thought, oh god I should of bought ubertis, but now I've got to say I'm a big fan. (I think that 1st thought was because of the timber) The timber on the piettas are not as nice. uberti vs cimarron, uberti vs cimarron firearms. Click on a term to search for related topics. Thread Tools: Show Printable Version. Email this Page. Display Modes: Linear Mode. Switch to Hybrid Mode. Switch to Threaded Mode. Similar Threads: Thread: Thread Starter: Forum: Replies: Last Post: Uberti ? Okie : Handguns: 5: 03-18-2007 08:14 PM: WTS S&W 29 .44mag and Cimarron P .357 Revolvers. Niveau finitions, c'est du pietta, mais c'est très correct. Le seul souci que j'ai eu, c'est un chien très dur à enclencher un position armé. Après démontage, j'ai pus observer un petit morceau de métal (type morfil grossier) sur les deux crans du chien. Un petit coup de lime et le tour est joué (l'armurier qui c'est occupé des testes aurait s'en apercevoir), mais ça coute une.

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I own a fairly large selection of both Pietta and Uberti, as well as ASM and Colt blackpowder pistols, having begun purchasing them in the late '80's. I've used them in both target shooting and reenactments, and a few have even been used in a couple of movies. The one that comes closest to a genuine Colt is, in my opinion, Uberti, hands down, and is even comparable to the Colt reproductions in. The Traditions 1873 Frontier line of single action revolvers is clearly a reproduction of the SAA design, but this iteration is built with modern bloodlines by Pietta of Italy. The Frontier is. Revolver Pietta Model 1873 - 45 LC. 450,00 € Prix. Etat de l'arme: star_rate star_rate star_rate star_rate. Ajouter au panier. revolvers Revolver Uberti Model 1875 Outlaw - 45 LC. 450,00 € Prix. Etat de l'arme: star_rate star_rate star_rate star_rate. Ajouter au panier. revolvers Revolver Manurhin MR88 5X - 357 Mag. 1 000,00 € Prix. Etat de l'arme: star_rate star_rate star_rate. Ajouter. Uberti produit des répliques de haute qualité en revolvers à percussion, revolvers à cartouche, mono-coup, et carabines à levier de sous garde. Aldo Uberti a fondé sa compagnie dans les contreforts des Alpes italiennes au cours de 1959 pour recréer les armes à feu célèbres du passé. Il a d'abord conçue les répliques des modèles de revolvers à poudre noire de la marque Colt et a.

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Re: Colt VS Uberti - Match entre SAA 1873 par cloholdo le Mer 13 Mar 2019 - 19:59 Dites donc, Sheriff Little Joe, ça a dut vous fendre le cœur de revendre ce bijou Uberti black powder revolvers are exact replicas of their famous predecessors and are built to perform reliably and safely with modern black powder loads Pietta does get some great press in the magazines and is generally liked. When I started buying guns for Cfd and Cas I thought they were identical (made in the same factory). I have since learned that is not the case. I have 3 uberti 45lc 1873 SAAs and an 1860 Henry and have had zero issues in 4 years of shooting. I also have two beretta stampedes (now discontinued), made by Uberti and they. For example, Uberti makes the Colt SAA replicas that Cimmarron sells, but you can get them in several different models reflecting different eras, and different fit and finish options - from both Uberti and Cimmarron. Consequently, saying Cimmarron branded guns are made to tighter tolerances or higher standards than Uberti branded guns depends entirely on what model Cimmarron you are comparing. Uberti, Pietta and Ruger Revolver Nipples are $36.00 per set. Walker/Dragoon Nipples are $40.00 per set. Made in USA 102 Product Reviews - Average rating 4.9 / 5 . Click to review this product. Slixshot cones John - 01/05/2021 Very impressed with product, will buy again~! Nipples Jmc - 01/05/2021 Solved the problem of caps coming off nipples while firing, what the manufactures should have.

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Uberti would be my recomendation for for the most part all the same as Pietta, Pietche, and Pedersoli to my knowledge are all owned by Uberti which is in turn part of the Beretta Family. Most of the cowboy action clones you see these days are Uberti imports or one of their subsidiaries that have been relabled and tuned a bit per the importer. Basically you have Ruger, Colt, USFA, and Uberti. Pietta Produit en cours de réapprovisionnement Expédié sous 30 jours Pièces détachées assorties pour réplique Pietta du revolver à poudre noire Remington 1858 New Model Army PIETTA's 1873 Single Action Revolvers. D opo un attento studio e un utilizzo massiccio delle nostre risorse umane, quest'arma, a detta di esperti americani a cui è stata sottoposta, risulta essere la migliore e la più adatta a rispondere alle richieste dei moderni cowboy: affidabilità nel tempo, intercambiabilità con le originali del vecchio west, viene da noi prodotta utilizzando le.

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Davide PEDERSOLIRevolver à Poudre NoireModèle: COLT NAVY 1861 Cal.36 Barillet 6 coups Canon cylindre de 7 1/4'', carcasse acier et levier jaspée,armature poignée et pontet en acier bronzé, crosse quadrillée en noyer .Pas de rayure : 1:21'' Longueur 32,5 cm Poids: 1220 gr N'oubliez pas les munitions et les accessoire UBERTI - 1866 YELLOW BOY CARBINE 19 45LC 1 269 € + d'infos. Promotion UBERTI - 1866 YELLOW BOY 24 1/4 22LR 1 328 € 1 228 € + d'infos. Promotion UBERTI - 1866 YELLOW BOY 24 1/4 45LC 1 328 € 1 263 € + d'infos. UBERTI - 1873 CARBINE 19.

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Uberti vs Pietta. Started by SourMashII « 1 2 » 16 Replies 1101 Views October 09, 2019, 05:27:28 PM by Skillet: Any word from DD? Started by Miguel Loco. 13 Replies 1418 Views September 13, 2019, 07:43:53 AM by Desperate Lee: Grease groooves in the 1858 Remington is? Started by oldracer. 8 Replies 936 Views August 29, 2019, 08:52:29 PM by 45 Dragoon: My New Toy. Started by Captainkirk « 1 2. Pietta Remington New Model Army de 1858, réplique à poudre noire du revolver du même nom, avec crosse en noyer et finition inox. Disponible en calibres 36 et 44 The Bisley was originally designed as a target revolver. It featured a long grip frame for its target grips and a wide target hammer with a low profile. The revolver made its debut at the 1894 British Commonwealth Championship Match in Bisley, England Pietta 9 items; Uberti 5 items; Compare Products. Remove This Item; Compare. Clear All. You have no items to compare. My Wish List. Last Added Items. Go to Wish List. You have no items in your wish list. Taylor's Firearms markets historical reproductions as well as guns designed for modern day shooters' needs in The New West. Working closely with manufactures, Taylor's firearms are crafted to.

UBERTI. Prix réduit ! 529 € TTC. 483 € TTC-46 € Ce produit n'est plus en stock ! Contactez-nous au 05 16 29 00 26 ou contact@westernguns.fr Ajouter au panier. Alertez-moi quand le produit sera disponible OK. Saisissez ci-dessus votre adresse email et vous recevrez une notification lorsque le produit sera de nouveau en stock. Référence 106. Voir tous les produits UBERTI. Article de. Both Uberti and Pietta have used CNC machining since ~2002, so parts from either manufacturer are pretty much a drop-in fit within the respective brands since then. Some folks dislike the Pietta billboards on the barrel; Uberti is much more discreet. Uberti's are more expensive than Pietta's. IMO, Pietta is better mechanically (arbor fit, internals, et al). If you do get into parts. Pietta vs. Uberti, Part 2: Loading Conical Bullets. Guns Of The West - 76 Views. Subscribe 9. 76 Views 0. 0. Share Embed Published on 22 Oct 2020 / In Firearms. In this video, I compare Pietta and Uberti revolvers on the ability to load conical bullets. I'll also demonstrate how to install an Uberti rammer in a Pietta Revolver to allow the Pietta to load conicals like the Uberti. Be sure to.

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  1. Pietta vs Uberti. Thread starter Robenstein; Start date Dec 8, 2016; R. Robenstein. Messages 5,653 Location Central IA. Dec 8, 2016 #1 So I have been looking at cap and ball wheelguns and of course the two main companies making them are Pietta and Uberti. For those who are around blackpower reproductions, which one of the two is currently making the better product?.
  2. ParallaxBill's Curio & Relic and Military Surplus Firear. Parallax's Curio & Relics Firearm Forums are for collectors of military surplus firearms of all kinds and gun collecting in general
  3. The Pietta Model 1851 Navy Yank might be your favorite .36 caliber revolver of all five on the list so far. And it might just be the only one you want for the purpose of target shooting. Whether you are a competitive shooter or a casual shooter, this bad boy will definitely take you places when it comes to shooting at targets. Best .44 Caliber Black Powder Revolver: Uberti Reproduction.
  4. gton 1858 Pietta New army.Puis, un collègue de tir me fait essayer son colt 1860 Westerner's arms , comportant également un gravage Uberti. Prise en main plutôt bonne, je suis plus à l'aise qu'avec le 1858.Je charge le barillet, 0,9 g de pnf 2, une douille de 38 sp de semoule fine de couscous, ogive hornady cal.
  5. Uberti gripframe screw heads are smaller than Colt, (M5 against about .212) and the thread is M4x.70 is slightly smaller than the Col's #8-36, but awful close, Colt tight in an Uberti and Uberti a bit loose in an original Colt C&B or SAA. You can put a Navy cylinder and barrel on a 60 Army and fire it. The only difference showing is the rebate.
  6. gton Navy in 36 that is a few years old and it is a beautiful revolver - good fit and finish - accurate. Pietta has come a long way in their quality. hylander - I ask on the measurements as I have a Uberti '73 Catt;e,am om 45 Colt - 7 1/2. It is a great quality gun nd.

Je possède un Remington 58 et un 1860 Uberti, tous deux de 1975 et effectivement ils sont marqués, après Uberti faisait ses 1858 et 1860 avec marquage sous le levier de chargement, peut être les choses ont elles changé à nouveau, mais Pietta, lui, n'a jamais fait l'effort de masquer ses marquages obligatoires.. Pietta vs Uberti. Thread starter NorthFork; Start date Nov 9, 2020; Help Support Muzzle Loading Forum: Prev. 1; 2; First Prev 2 of 2 Go to page. Go. S. smoothshooter 50 Cal. Joined Nov 5, 2005 Messages 1,446 Reaction score 166. Nov 10, 2020 #21 BullRunBear said: I've found Pietta C&B revolvers to be fine, sometimes excellent, for the last 10 or 12 years. Certainly better than they were from. Ruger VS Uberti? It's been a decent birthday so far and I've got some cash saved away to where I can seriously start making this choice. I've been wanting a single action revolver for some time now and I need help choosing between which one I should go for. The Ruger Vaqueros are a bit more expensive but some say better made, while the Uberti/clones are cheaper, have a more classic feel. Pietta or Uberti will both work fine. I know some people prefer one brand over the other but I have several of both and can't tell much of a difference. Neither is perfect, neither is inherently flawed. I probably have more 1858 models than anything just because it worked out that way.. Attached File . If I edited the post above it's more than likely because I suck at typing. If I didn't, I. Here is a consideration in the Pietta vs Uberti saga. The Pietta Model 1860 has an incorrect loading tunnel.' It is much smaller than the Uberti and significanly smaller than the originals. It seems..

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je lis de plus en plus sur ce forum : uberti perd en vitesse et en qualité par rapport à du pietta...et la différence de prix se justifie de moins en moins? est ce vrai, ou faut-il mieux quand même un uberti, dans le match 1858 uberti vs 1858 pietta? par ailleurs, certains ont mesuré un diamètre du canon plus étroit vers la bouche...et une carcasse plus épaisse chez un remington uberti. gqucool, Uberti and Pietta are separate companies, but they come from the same area of Italy. Cimarron originally started with Uberti and, at the time, Uberti was the more durable gun, but Cimarron now works with Pietta and Pietta has definitely upped their game. Now a pretty darn good gun, though Uberti still has the better rep with the cowboy action crowd. Based on what I've experienced with. Californian 1873 Single Action Revolver - .380 cal. The 1873 is perhaps the most iconic gun of the Old West. While there are many blank-firing replicas on the market, there are few made to the precision of the Californian 1873 by Pietta of Italy Pietta Vs Uberti Which Is Better? Jul 28 / 431 / Guns Of The West. In this video, I compare Pietta and Uberti, which are both popular Italian manufacturers of black powder firearms. It's not exactly an apples-to-apple s comparison because I'm limited to just showing the models that I have, but I think you'll see that both companies make both high-quality and low-quality guns. Be sure to. re: pietta vs uberti 1851 navy I have three Pietta 1851 guns. No problems with them aside from once when I loaned an idiot my sherrif's model at a reenactment event and he fanned the action and damaged the notches on the hammer as a result

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L'armurerie française vous propose une belle gamme de revolvers poudre noire des marques Pietta et Uberti en calibre 36 ou 44. Nos experts en poudre noire vous conseillent et vous guident dans le choix de votre revolver poudre noire ainsi que dans le rechargement ou les accessoires nécessaires à leur utilisation nominale et en toute sécurité The Uberti Remington 1858 Cartridge Conversion. Uberti is one of the great Italian gun manufacturers when it comes to making quality reproductions of classic firearms. They make everything from the old 1844 Walker Colt to the legendary falling-block High Wall, so if you're looking for a gun out of the Old West, they're the ones to look to first. The 1858 I got from them, courtesy of.

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Black Powder Pietta Revolvers, built to Traditions high quality control standards come with a one year warranty. We have many historical and presentation pieces used by the Union and Confederate soldiers, including specialty guns and Sheriff & Cowboy models. Our Traditions high quality steel and brass frame model revolvers include: Remington 1858, Army or Navy 1851, 1860, 1861, Buffalo, Bison. The 1858 Remington was one of the major side arms of the Civil War and was the last of the Remington percussion revolvers to be manufactured. This gun features a tapered octagon barrel, steel frame, brass trigger guard, 6-shot cylinder, fixed sights and two-piece walnut grips

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  1. gton .44 to fire 45LC cartridges. Kit includes Gated Ring with spring loaded firing pin, 6 Round Cylinder, (1) 6-32 Screw, Alignment Pin, Loading Port Template/Drill Fixture & Click here for Installation Instructions. The Loading Port Template/Drill Fixture will allow you to precisely cut your loading port so that you may load from the breech end
  2. Uberti vs Cimarron SAs. Share Thread. Facebook; Twitter; Tumblr; LinkedIn; MySpace; Email; Go to. Previous Thread; Next Thread; Please make a selection first ; new « Prev; 1; 2; 3; Next » 375supermag 30 Streaker. Posts: 212 Uberti vs Cimarron SAs Jan 23, 2011 11:15:39 GMT -5 . Quote. Select Post; Deselect Post; Link to Post; Member. Give Gift; Back to Top; Post by 375supermag on Jan 23, 2011.
  3. Pietta made safety and reliability improvements to the old 1873 pattern by using a transfer bar and coil spring and plunger for the hand. The finish was matte blue; they feel almost like they were Parkerized. The action of each revolver, being brand new, was stiff and the triggers broke at 2.8 pounds for each gun. However, the trigger pull was long with a lot of creep indicating that the sear.
  4. I believe Uberti and Pietta both make or at least used to make a bargain version of their SAAs. I saw a few at Cabelas once. The finish is matte or parkerized and looks terrible. The also retail for several hundred less than their standard models. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk I don't want men who miss. -Capt. Leander H. McNelly. 03-09-2017, 07:37 PM #10. modified5. View Profile View.
  5. Uberti is today's oldest-running manufacturer of Old West firearms. Founded in 1959 in Gardone, Italy, it has operated uninterruptedly until today by offering modern enthusiasts the opportunity to own and shoot premium-quality replicas of historical firearms. On this side of the ocean, Uberti has quickly become a cherished piece of Americana by appearing at the side of heroes and villains in.
  6. imum to make it comp workable then the Uberti 7.5 1851 would be my pick
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Le 1851 Navy Rebnord Carbine de Pietta se distingue aisément grâce à son long canon calibre .44 de 12 pouces (30,5 cm). La longue ligne de visée obtenue permet de réaliser des tirs de très bonne précision pour un revolver à poudre noire. Il est également possible d'ajouter une crosse d'épaule pour renforcer la précision, de manière comparable à une petite carabine - d'où. As for F Pietta, I own 3 of them right now. The quality and craftsmanship of the Pietta revolvers is on par with the modern Uberti guns. Good stuff but not great stuff. So basically, Uberti used to make great stuff. And now they are just riding on their old repuation. It's just a coin toss between the two manufacturers today

Help: Identifying a Walker as Pietta or Uberti The High Roa

Uberti cartridge revolvers are true replicas of original historical designs. They are built with state-of-the-art materials, so you can enjoy safe and reliable performance with modern ammunition. Action . Any Action . Lever Action . Pump . Single Shot . Caliber/Gauge . Any Caliber/Gauge .17 HMR .303 British .22 LR .22 LR/Mag .22 Mag .30-30 .31 .357 Mag .36 .38 Spl .38-55 .44 .44 Mag .44 Russ. Uberti chose to checker the stock and forend of the Special Short Sporting in an attractive, three panel point pattern that wraps around the forend, a functional and aesthetic advantage. The Winchester is supplied with a matte oil finish that does not completely fill the pores of its American black walnut stock. A couple more coats of stock oil should have been applied at the factory to. Uberti vs Pietta - Opinions? Hi everyone; Been getting into the SAA replicas recently (with another on layaway as soon as my wallet recovers a bit). So far I've stuck with Ubertis for my Peacemakers, I like the four clicks and the hammer mounted firing pin, but I've been tempted to get back into charcoal burners - say a pair of '51 Navy's as a start. Sort of a tribute to a certain prince of. The Navy, Pocket Navy, Army, and Police Black Powder Revolvers all evolved between 1851 and 1862 from one model originally designed by Colt.. By the start of the Civil War, Colt had refined the Navy into a sleek, streamlined weapon with an improved loading lever. The 1861 Navy is often acclaimed as Colt's most handsome pistol.. Find an authorized Uberti dealer

UBERTI. Prix réduit ! 515 € TTC. 485 € TTC-30 € Ce produit n'est plus en stock ! Contactez-nous au 05 16 29 00 26 ou contact@westernguns.fr Ajouter au panier. Alertez-moi quand le produit sera disponible OK. Saisissez ci-dessus votre adresse email et vous recevrez une notification lorsque le produit sera de nouveau en stock. Référence 020. Voir tous les produits UBERTI. Article de. Une belle gamme d'armes à poudre noire ainsi que les accessoires de rechargement, munitions liés à l'usage de la poudre noire en stand de tir I recently made a video, comparing Pietta and Uberti, the two big manufacturers of reproduction black powder revolvers. Be sure to check out the other videos on the channel about cowboy guns too! Enjoy

Fitting Hickok Grips for Pietta 1851 Navy | DooviSAA 1873 COLT vs UBERTI vs PIETTAPIETTA 1851 Navy Yank U1849 Pocket Colt R&D Cylinder Black Powder Cartridge Le
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